How to Catch Axolotl Minecraft? {Complete Guide}

Catch Axolotl Minecraft: The Caves and Cliffs Minecraft update was released earlier this year, and it was a huge one. When it was published, several new features were introduced to the already active game, one of which was the addition of new nip-loving fish known as Axolotls!

Because they are fish, they will most often be found in water biomes, so be prepared to spend some time in water biomes when you begin your Axolotl quest.

But, to make your search a bit simpler, we’ve put up the definitive Minecraft Axolotl guide so you can stay one step ahead of the game. So here’s all you need to know about where to locate them, what they eat, and how to feed them!

How to Catch Axolotl Minecraft? 

Axolotls are cunning creatures! They dwell in the water and will attack anything that comes into contact with it. They can also make it to land, however, they won’t be able to stay there for long.

Another thing to remember about them is that they can imitate death. You may believe you’ve defeated one of them, but there’s a good possibility it’s only acting and is actually recharging its health in order to return for another round — see, sly!

They occur in a variety of colors, but if you find one that is blue, you should know that it is extremely unusual, with only a 1 in 1200 chance of seeing one.

When it comes to finding them, you’ll want to look for water with blocks above it that’s below y: 63. If you notice water with blocks above it that’s below y: 63, there’s a strong possibility you’ll discover some Axolotls there.

They spawn with the /summon command in Creative mode, as well as with a Spawn Egg or an Axolotl Bucket — they may be captured with buckets, and they prefer to consume living fish over dead ones.

Another not-so-fun fact: they are now an endangered species in the real world due to African tilapia and Asian carp devouring their young and consuming their food source.

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Is it possible to tame Axolotls in Minecraft?

Not quite, but you might be able to persuade them to follow you. When you’re near one or more Tropical Fish, arm yourself with a bucket of fish food and they’ll stick by your side when you join combat, even if it’s on land – they love their fish food.

So, rather than taming them to fight alongside you, enticing them with food to do your bidding – which is the next best thing to taming!

In Minecraft, how can you breed Axolotis pieces?

You’ll need to take advantage of their love of tropical fish to persuade them to breed! If you feed a bucket of fish to two axolotls, you’ll get several baby axolotls in return, as well as one to seven experience points.

They breed every five minutes, which sounds laborious, and the babies become adults after 20 minutes.

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