How to Play Clan Capital in COC – Complete Guide and Details

With the arrival of the long-awaited Clash of Clans spring update, a completely new cooperative gameplay mechanic has also arrived. With this new region, you and your clan will have to work together to strengthen your outpost and even take on other clans in battle.

Clan Capital in COC

We’ll show you how to play the Clan Capital in Clash of Clans so you can start earning rewards right away. The function of Clan Capital, as well as the spectrum of districts that may be found therein, will be explained in detail.

What Is Clan Capital?

Clan Capital, the game’s newest center location, debuted in the spring of 2022 with the release of Clash of Clans. Members of a clan can work together on joint construction projects, recruit new troops, and decorate these more communal areas.

In the Clan Capital, you can engage in clan battles as well as cooperative activities. A variety of prizes can be won by participating in Raid Weekends, in which Clan Capitals compete against one other. Two new currencies, Clan Gold and Raid Medals, have been added to the Clan Capital system, with each contributing to either your Clan Capital or your own village.

How Do I Play Clash of Clans Clan Capital?

Having a level 2 or above clan is required to apply for a Clan Capital. At that point, you’ll be able to travel to the capital. Before you can enter this unexplored territory, you must have reached village level 6 or higher.

All that is required is a tap on the new airship at the Builder Base, and you’ll be on your way to the Clan Capital.

Clan Capital Districts

There are seven districts within Clan Capital, each serving a different role. In Raid Weekends, you’ll have a dangerous communal area that other clans will shudder at. You’ll unlock one district per Capital level you surpass.

Capital Peak

The heart of your Clan Capital, this is where all the action happens. You can unlock additional districts by upgrading your Capital Hall, which is located here. In addition, this is where you begin the process of improving your troops, structures, and so on.

How to unlock Clan Capital in CoC?

Clans with a level of 2 or higher will have access to the Clan Capital. The Capital will be accessible to your Clan once it has met this requisite. Your village must also have a Town Hall level 6 or above to enter the capital.

The best way to obtain Capital Gold

Capital Gold can be obtained by converting resources from the Home Village and Builder Base. Capital Gold is earned by destroying buildings during Raids. Capital Gold tends to be more abundant when defenses and structures are more massive.

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The fastest way to get gold in clash of clans

After upgrading all of your gold mines to the point when there is no more upgrade you can make, buy a short-span shield (1 day, 3 days) and boost all of your mines (gems required). This could expedite the accumulation of a large sum of gold for you.

Forge in Coc

Resources from the Home Village and the Builder Base can be converted to Capital Gold at the Forge. Buildings in the Clan Capital can only be constructed with the help of Capital Gold. Town Hall 6 opens the Forge. Every 24 hours, Capital Gold is generated by the first slot.

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